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I seem to have gotten away from LJ, it's unfortunate. So I'm going to make a better effort to write more. What brings me here today? It's a little rant and I want to get it off my chest.

Wedding planning is annoying!

The first time I got married I had 50 friends and family meet us in Vegas and we got married at an all inclusive chapel by a Steven Tyler impersonator. It was lots of fun and easy.

This time around it's a little more traditional (that's not hard, considering the last wedding). I've got an actual venue, but we're not getting married in a church. No need to get struck down by lightening on my wedding day. I'm trying to keep it casual as possible. The we've put it is "We're having a big party, but just happening to get married at the beginning of it" Sounds simple right? NO! It's not! Why? Because this time I'm not 3000 miles away from my family while planning it all. I'm sick and tired of people making assumptions about what we are or aren't doing without fucking asking us. Oh we're not having a rehearsal? Great! Thanks for letting me know. And here I was trying to get the info together. Oh we're not sending out invitations and you can only get an invite online? Really? Then I'll stop printing and addressing envelopes. I'm not allowed to wear Chuck Taylor's with my wedding dress? Who says? I like them and they're silver. (Don't worry I actually got a pair of cute heels too, but I'm wearing my Chuck's for the reception.) I'm just frustrated. My mom is worried she's not helping enough because of her MS flare up. I try to tell her she's fine, and not to worry. But she'll continue to worry. I don't mind doing all the planning by myself because I have a hard time relying on other people in the first place. I'd rather do it myself and know it's done.

I'm sure it will all come together and everyone will have a great time. In the meantime, I'm going to have my own minor panic attack about it every now and then. It will be fine. Today I'm just really annoyed. My mom said people wouldn't make assumptions if I just communicate what is going on better. Why do I have to hand out an itinerary to every family member 6 months ahead of time? I don't even know what is happening yet. Give me break and give me some time. If you have a question, just fucking ask me. Don't tell other people what your assumptions are as if they are fact!

Rant done, how was your day?
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