Jun. 19th, 2014 03:12 pm
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You know what sucks? Trying to plan an affordable wedding. No wonder I got married in Vegas the first time.

Today we went and looked at a venue that I am in love with. All beautiful brick and iron work. Just lovely, then weekday rental price of $900 seemed reasonable because it includes tables, chairs, and tableware. Then you start talking to them and their bar package is about $27/person (or $2700 if you have 100 people) for just beer and wine. Plus $670 for their staff. They make you rent a dance floor so you won't mess up their pretty floor which is another $600 I think. If you want to use the outside area they want you to rent a tent if there's over a 10% chance of rain for $950. That doesn't even include food! Or a pretty dress for me to wear! It just makes me sad, because it's beautiful and I love it but I can't afford that at all. I know people spend way more on a wedding, but I can't do that. After going there a part of me just wanted to say "Fuck it, the courthouse it is." But that's not what I want. I want  to have my friends celebrate with us, and I want to be able to invite everyone, not whittle down the list to lest than 50 people so we can afford it. Maybe we'll just put the money we have in to the backyard and have a wedding there.

I know it's stupid and I want to cry, which is even more stupid. I guess I'm more of a real girl than I thought.
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Wow! My trip to Europe was a blast! London, Glasgow, and Paris all in 16 days! It felt like we were gone for longer, and neither one of us were ready to come home. I have about 1800 pictures to go through, that is quite the task on its own. We had so much fun in London. There is amazing street graffiti there.DSCN0705

One day in London our friend Dave decided we must see all the touristy things in one day. We ended up with a 7 hour walking tour of London. We were all exhausted afterwards so we did not make it to the Jack the Ripper tour. I did see Shaun's house from Shaun of the Dead. The pub from that move has been turned into flats, so I couldn't go see that one.

Then it was off to Glasgow for the wedding. If you ever get a chance to go to a Scottish wedding, DO IT! It was so much fun. Glasgow was a pretty neat city and Scotland is beautiful! I could live in the middle of nowhere in Scotland, and be perfectly fine with it. The stag part was fun, we went skeet shooting and a whiskey distillery tour. After that it was pub after pub, until all of us were quite sloshed and stealing Dave's food.

After Scotland it was off to Paris. It rained pretty much the whole time we were in Paris, except for the period of time we went on river cruise and visited the Eiffel Tower. That part was amazing, such incredible views!


When we were on the Eiffel Tower, at one point all the people disappeared and Clay seized the moment. He asked me to marry him, after we watched the sunset on the Tower and it was perfect and romantic. I could not have asked for a better day.

The next day it was off to the Catacombs! a 2-hour wait in the rain to get inside. I must say it was totally worth it! One of the more amazing places I've seen with my own eyes. worth every minute of the wait. The tunnels themselves were incredible, not just the section with the bones in them.

All in all it was an incredible trip. I can't even write up the whole thing in one entry, so this one is the summary. Now I'm going back to work to save up for the next adventure.

3 days!

May. 4th, 2014 02:02 pm
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We leave for Europe in 3 days. The silly part is I am most excited about the Paris part and that's the shortest part of the trip. But Catacombs and Eiffel Tower. I bought skip the line tickets for the Eiffel tower today complete with a Seine river cruise and Champagne toast all around sunset, so that should be lovely.

I have made sure all our info is setup for international travel. We have a ride to the airport. I got some British Pounds for London and Glasgow, and some Euros for Paris. The petsitter is confirmed to stay at the house with backup neighbors if needed. My job knows to keep my animals alive until I get home. I called the credit card company, just need to call my bank Monday morning. Refilled my thyroid meds so I don't run out. So far so good. I think.

I just need to pack. I have a day off on Tuesday, the day before we leave, so I'll pack then. Until then I just keep preparing. I'm super excited! Let's do this!
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3 weeks until we hope on a plane and head to London! Oh my goodness I am so excited, and nervous. I've never left the country before and if the apocalypse happens I can't steal a car and drive home, I'll be on the other side of the ocean! I got some sedatives for the flight just in case. I really hope I get everything together before we leave. I've made an appointment to get my nails done, so they'll look all pretty. I picked a Groupon for a manicure and just added a pedicure to it. I need to set up a haircut.

Since my birthday is while we are gone and it's going to be my 40th, there is lots of celebrating to be done before we leave. I have to set up dinner with my mom (and my brother will be in town), dinner with Dad, celebrating with friend time. Plus doctor appointments. It's going to be a busy 3 weeks.

Better work out a plan.
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I very rarely write a blog about a product I like, if ever. Today I'm going to change that.

You see, I've been coloring my own hair since I was 15ish. Who really knows what my natural hair color is at this point. (Actually I do know, we used to call it Coca-Cola because it looked dark brown until it was in the sun then it looked red) At this point if I let it grow out it's probably more grey than I want to admit. For a little while I went to the salon to get my hair colored, only because my friend did it and she didn't charge me $100+ for cut and color. Honestly, I like doing it myself. I've seen a few articles about eSalon and I decided to try it out. I uploaded a couple of pictures of myself, picked out the color I wanted and waited.

 I sent this lovely picture of me with a baby goat for one of my outside shots.

I got an email from the colorist saying she had picked out a more flattering color for me, and they would create my custom color and send it out post haste. What I got was this lovely package:

The whole thing was pretty awesome and my hair turned out lovely! We'll see how the color holds up. I'me very pleased with the results and will probably get my hair color from them in the future. I will try and take a picture soon of the after. It's funny, the color picked is very to close to what my natural color was so many years ago.

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I have decided that I really like cooking. I mean, I've always liked cooking, but never the kitchen I had to cook in. That made cooking not so much fun, and I did it out necessity of survival more than anything. Now that we've moved into the not so crappy Crap Shack, I LOVE my kitchen! I like to spend time in there. I LOVE my double oven gas stove! Cooking is now super fun.

Last night we made homemade tortillas for my March Pinterest Project. The tortillas turned out okay. I think the next time I do it they will turn out better. I think a rolling pin would help make them nice and thin. We gave them a solid B. They were tasty, just a little dry. I have some ideas on how to improve it next time.

Today I baked a chocolate cake with a mascarpone frosting. I made up the recipe for the frosting, Clay and I were eating it out of the bowl by the spoonful. I quickly frosted the cake, before we decided to eat it all. After that was done I set up a buttermilk marinade to make fried chicken tomorrow night. I'm really enjoying it. Now I need to come up with a menu to go with the chicken. Hell maybe I'll even try to make homemade biscuits. Baking I'm good at, it's entrees I need to work on. I'd like to learn how to make fancy sauces to go with my meals. Maybe after our Europe trip I should sign up for some cooking classes.

I will take the cake to my friend Jen's house for dessert. Her husband is opening a bakery, so no one ever bakes for him. Hopefully they'll like it. I also have a bottle of red sparkling wine to go with dessert. Because I'm classy like that.

72 hours

Mar. 12th, 2014 12:16 pm
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It's been 72 hours since I've had a cigarette. I think I'm doing pretty damn good, I have not killed anyone or told a random stranger to "Fuck Off". I'll call that a win.

Another doctor appointment today, as part of my annual physical I have to go have my boob squeezed flat in a large radioactive machine. Wheeee!
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When I was prescribed Chantix my doctor said the main side effect she got complaints about were vivid dreams. She said some people couldn't handle them and asked for something else. I've always had very vivid dreams, albeit most of them were nightmares. I told her I didn't think I'd mind that very much. Boy howdy, she was right, these dreams have been crazy! They haven't really been nightmares either, so that part is really cool. I love having vivid dreams that don't cause me to wake up screaming. (Side note, when Clay and I first started dating my waking up screaming scared the shit out of him. He got used to it, and I rarely do it anymore. So that's good) I've only had one nightmare, and that was last night. It was about the cat my ex-husband has and the terrible vet she was at. It wasn't the apocalypse nightmares I normally have, so in that aspect it was nice. I texted my ex this morning to make sure she was okay, he said she's fine. The dreams are really weird, and very normal day-to-day stuff. Sometimes when I wake up I have to tell myself it didn't happen. I think I will miss these dreams when I stop taking Chantix. I kind of like them. I know, I'm weird.

Also I'm down to about 2 cigarettes a day right now, I start my 5 days back work today so I'm going to try and put those 2 down over the next couple of days. It's easy for me not to smoke when I'm working.
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This week when I went in for my physical I talked to my doctor about smoking, and how I want to stop again. So she gave me a script for Chantix. I've started taking it, it takes a week or so to build up in your system. Supposedly it blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain, decreasing the craving. A couple days after my doc appointment I saw in my calendar that I had officially quit smoking last March 14th. I kept it up until the shit hit the fan last summer, and I started again. Hell, I was drinking heavily after that all went down, so I didn't care one bit about smoking again. I care again. So I'm going to give it another shot.   
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It is no secret that I'm a big fan of the horror genre. I love the Walking Dead, Halloween, all types of scary movies. In all actuality I could never get into the whole Twilight thing because I don't believe vampires sparkle. My vampires come from movies like the Lost Boys, they are evil and will kill you. Side note, I highly suggest seeing Warm Bodies. Yes it is a zombie movie, but I was laughing the whole time. It was surprisingly good. Anyhoo...

I downloaded an app on my phone called "Zombies,Run" It's a running app, they have 2 versions. One version is a couch to 5K program and the other one is a full app where you collect supplies as you run and build a base camp, etc. I started it yesterday. It's pretty neat, it plays songs in between people talking to you and zombies chasing you. For me, it seems like good motivation to run (or walk)

Today I went and had my physical. They drew some blood and I'll get those results before the end of the week. My blood pressure is good, heart rate good, weight is perfect for my height. My BMI is 21. So far a good report, my doc said I didn't look like was I going to 40 in a few months, so that made me happy. I do have to get a mammogram, but I've had one before when they found a lump a few years back. Luckily that turned out to be nothing. Plus I am scheduled for a dermatology visit, since my Dad has a history of melanoma. They want to get a baseline mapping of my skin. I'm sure that's going to be an odd visit. I guess with age comes a longer list of doctors. I already have a pretty good list, so why not add a couple more? Nothing compared to [ profile] betawriter's list, but I don't want that list (No offense,Susan)

Well I guess it's time get out there and do my next Zombie mission! It's a lovely 70 degrees today, the snow is all gone, and I'm ready to be outside.

Snow Days

Feb. 14th, 2014 12:37 pm
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Some of you may have seen pictures of NC's recent snowstorm, and how it debilitated a city. Honestly my favorite was this one.

Yes the picture is real, with one addition. Sure, we can't handle snow down here. We stock up at the grocery store, hunker down in our houses for a couple of days, wait for it to be 60 degrees again, then back to business as usual. We have a few snow plows, and some trucks to salt the roads. That's about it. This storm hit hard and fast, and everyone tried to get home at the same time. My Dad's commute normally takes about 15 minutes, it took him 4 hours and he had to abandon his car at a gas station. It sounds silly for people that live where it always snows, but it happens. You see, the problem is, we don't really get snow we get ice. Lots of ice! All sorts of black ice on the roadways. Without snow tires and chains we just slide about on the roadways. It's not pretty.

Lucky for me I did not have to go to work, the storm hit at the beginning of my 5 days off. So I stayed at home, played with the pups, made homemade tortilla chips, and drank whiskey. It was all good on my end. I even built a snowman, er snowbeast.


All in all, I had a good time. I enjoyed my snow days, and by Tuesday it's going to be 70 degrees! So laugh if you must, I don't care. I'll make french toast, watch bad movies, play with my dogs, and wait for spring to get here in a few days.
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Yesterday sucked. That's all I can say to sum it up. It was my due date, but there's no baby. Little Squirrel's birthday and he/she wasn't here.

It's been so hard, and I've spent many nights crying myself to sleep. I feel so inadequate as a woman. I've had any faith I've had shaken to it's core. I've never been a hugely religious person, but I have a hard time believing in God after all of this. I know people would say it's part of "God's plan", but excuse me for saying so, God's plan sucks! How could he take away my child and let people have one that end up locking them in the basement or subjecting them to abuse?  How is that fair, and part of "God's plan"?

I have a good friend that lost their baby the same day I did. She and I helped each other through our grief. She tells me that I made an unbearable event a little easier. She is pregnant again, and is due in May. I am thrilled for her, but sometimes it sucks to watch her belly get bigger every week. I cannot wait to play with her little man when he finally arrives.

Maybe it did all happen for some greater reason that I'm not aware of. I don't know. What I do know, is that I'm sad. I miss my little baby that I never got to hold, scare away the monsters under their bed, or dance with in the aisles of a Home Depot. I'd be a good momma, and I really hope I get the chance one day. 
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I am taking full advantage of my five days off this week, and I still have today and tomorrow to go!

I switched my cell service to T-Mobile and got the new Samsung S4. I had the S3, but since I was switching might as well upgrade the phone. So far the change in service has been an improvement, and as a bonus I get free data service when going to Europe. Plus they have Wi-fi calling, so when I'm on Wi-fi I can make phone calls too. My old phone plan was not going to work in Europe. This was a huge plus because I would like the pet sitter to be able to get in touch with us.

I also got my key fob for my car fixed. This is awesome because when I get out of work it usually the coldest part of the night, and having the remote start is a blessing. It's nice to get into a warm car ini the winter.

Yesterday I applied for my passport. It takes 4 weeks to progress according to the woman that helped me. I got a haircut the day before so I could at least look decent in my photo. It's the little things you know?

This morning I baked a homemade chocolate cake. We'll see how it turns out. No box stuff here! The house smelled pretty awesome this morning because of it.

See, I've been productive. Tonight it's off to dinner with friends (which is why I made the cake). Tomorrow, who knows what I'll do. I still need to get my car inspected. Now if only I could find the inspiration to do the laundry. Eh, I got one load done. That counts, right?
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My Hotel is booked for 2 nights in Paris. Our friend Dave gave us a recommendation for this bed and breakfast (Hôtel Saint André des Arts). He says there's an Irish pup and a Canadian down the street so we don't have to try and speak French all the time. Thank goodness!

My passport appointment is next week, with a 4-6 week processing time. So we should be good there.

All I really want to do in Paris is go to the Catacombs and see the Eiffel Tower. The flea market I wanted to go to is only open Saturday-Monday, none of the days we'll be there. It's probably better, so I don't find something amazing I can't fit in my suitcase.

Planning for this trip is super fun. I may have to figure out how to do more international travel after this.
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Yesterday I bought tickets for our trip to Europe. I went on and went to priceline from there. We decided to test our luck and do the "name your price" tickets. It's scary to do it that way because you have no idea what flight you will get. We ended up with a pretty good flight plan and a non-stop trip home, go Priceline! Plus we got $56 cash back through Fatwallet. That means we saved almost $300 over picking the cheapest retail flight available, and ended up with better flights. So far stage one of the planning is going better than expected.

We also got the pet sitter locked down, so the animals will have someone feed and love them while we are gone. She stays at the house, so we get a house sitter as part of the deal. Win-win on that one.

The next order of business is getting our passports ready and up to date. I've called to make an appointment and processing is 4-6 weeks according to government website.

Another order of business is to get a decent working camera. Our last one died and since the phones we have make a pretty good camera we haven't really looked for one. Now we will have to. Clay says we should get one better one, and one ultra compact one that we can take anywhere. I like that idea, then we both have a camera and if we lose one it won't be a huge loss.

I guess we have lots to do before May comes along. Luckily since we are staying with friends in London, we don't have to worry about a hotel and we have people to show us around. The best part about that is seeing neat local sites you don't find our touristy maps.

I think it's going to be a fun trip, and it gives me something to look forward to this year.
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2014 is going to be a pretty intense year. We already have 2 vacations planned. One in May to go to Europe to be in a wedding, the other is trip to Chicago for Riot Fest. Both trips are going to be fun for their own reasons.

The Europe trip should be interesting. We fly into London to stay with our friend Dave and his fiance Lorna. We'll be there for my 40th birthday, which is awesome. Then it's off to Scotland to be Dave's "best people". Since I'm part of the groom's party I get to go to the stag party. The wedding is going to take place at the National Piping Center, Clay has to wear a kilt. After that it's back to London or maybe Paris. The whole thing should be fun and we can't wait. Lot's of planning to do.

In September it's off to Chicago for Riot Fest. 3 days of punk rock fun, in a city that Clay loves, and was him home for may years. We're not sure how long we'll be staying there, there's lots of time to plan that one out.

This month we're going to see the Pixies, 4th row! I am super excited about this as well. So many fun things this year and we're only on Day 2. Now I just need to sort out my plans and get everything situated.

This day has been fairly much wasted, but I'm okay with that. My New Year's Day shift was from 5p-3am. I ended up getting home around 4am and slept until some ungodly hour. Now it's cold and dreary outside and I'm perfectly content to farting around on the computer. At least I have a few days off to enjoy myself at a later point.

2014 is going to be a fun year!
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Let's start off with some good things. I still love my new job, and I'm making a lot more money than I used to. Granted, that wasn't really hard.

Clay's 40th birthday was a roaring success. I bought him tickets to Riot Fest in Chicago next year. So we'll be taking a little road trip. It's going to be fun. A 3 day punk festival in Chicago? How can that not be fun? We had a little party at our house, or at least that was what it was supposed to be. We didn't think many people would show up on a Thursday night, but they did. We ended up having about 30 people at our "small" party. I can't even imagine what the actual housewarming party will be like.

Last week we got free VIP tickets to see the Misfits in Winston Salem. So we took an impromptu road trip and had a blast. I got my ass grabbed by Jerry Only and I got the set list, which was on the back of a tour poster. The whole thing was kind of funny. Clay was not concerned about the ass grabbing because, as he put it, "You've had people a lot more famous than him hit on you" It's true, I don't really give a shit if people are famous, it doesn't change how I treat them. The best example is when I got in a fight with Quentin Tarantino over coffee. It was silly, but I didn't think he should be treated different than anyone else.

Now it's almost Christmas and I'm not ready. We haven't got a tree yet (I think we'll do that today) and I've only bought my Mom's present. Christmas is just hard for me this year. I really envisioned a much different holiday season. I should be fat and about to have a baby, but that didn't work out. There are times where I still cry about it all. Like yesterday when I got a gift for my Mom and I saw this little stuffed dragon next to the register, I just about lost it. I don't know why that set me off, but it did. Maybe because I would have bought it in a heartbeat if the circumstances were different, but they aren't and I started crying.

I guess that's why it's hard for me to get in the holiday spirit this year. I'm going to try. Maybe a tree will help. If there's a God, when I die I've got a few choice words for him/her. I don't really care for this one decision that was made for me. Even though he/she's the most famous person out there, I'm still going to him/her a piece of my mind.
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I've been at my new job for a month now and I still love it! It's so nice to be back in emergency medicine. My days are never boring and it's never the same day twice. I'm really happy I made the choice to leave my old job, although I miss everyone there. I did work over Thanksgiving and that holiday pay will be nice on my next check. I got my first review and they said I was doing a great job. Yay!

I need to get on the ball for the Europe trip next year. I need to order plane tickets and get my passport taken care of. So much to do. Luckily I have the next 5 days off, so I can get some stuff taken care of.

I can't believe it's December already. I think I got Clay a pretty good gift for his 40th birthday. Hopefully he will like it and be surprised.

Tiny update for now, just to know I'm still around.
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The new job is going great. I love being back in emergency medicine. It does mean I can't really talk about what I did at work again, but that comes with the territory. No one wants to hear about sick or broken animals, except other vet people.

The new schedule is awesome. I love the 5 days on, 5 days off, 2 on, 2 off schedule. Every other week I get a mini vacation. Plus my body is adapting quickly to the new sleep cycle, and I believe is happier about it. I've always been a late night kind of person, and now I get that work schedule. The dogs are enjoying my spot on the bed until I get home around midnight or 1am. Kaya sometimes is very resistant to giving me my spot back. "Go away momma, I'm sleeping" She's such a lazy dog, and not good at sharing when she's comfy.

In other big news, I get to go to Europe next year! Clay and I are going to be in a friend's wedding as his "best people". Since said friend lives in London and the wedding will be in Scotland we get to go on a fun trip. Plus it's right around my birthday, so I get to spend my 40th birthday in London! How awesome is that? Now I just need to get a passport and figure out the best way to fly there. That's a problem I can live with.

First day

Oct. 29th, 2013 11:32 am
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Yesterday was my first day on the new job. I worked until midnight and I only got a little tired in the last half hour, so that's not bad. We'll see how I do when I get off at 1am. It's very different and I need to put myself back in emergency mode. We had a couple of laceration repairs, a bloat, and one crashing cat. Very different from vaccines and wellness visits. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up everything quickly. It's hard to know if I've made the right decision leaving my old job. I felt bad that I couldn't help more last night, but it was my first day and I can't take x-rays or know where anything is. I just need to brush up on the terminology. A job with homework, at least for now. Now I have 2 days off and I train with day services on Thursday. So much to learn, my brain was hurting a little by the end of the night.
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