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It's that time of year where everything is covered in a sickly yellow haze, but I don't mind. The rain will eventually come and wash it down the street and in return I got lots of flowers, sunshine, and green everywhere. It's a fair trade, I think. I told Clay this is why we weren't going to get married in April. I don't want yellow dust all over my pretty dress.

Work is going well, last night was insane. People should really stop letting their pets play in traffic. It's my public service announcement for the day. Cars + Pets = Broken. Nuff said.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. I'm super excited. Next month is the first beach trip of the season! Time to put sand between my toes and a tropical cocktail in my hand.

All in all, I'm feeling rejuvenated by the change in seasons. I was tired of being cold. (I know, it's not really that cold here) I like having the windows open. I like watching the dogs lay in a sunbeam in the yard.

My kitty Mister Man is doing better. He started his oral chemo, and has perked back up. Luckily if he has to have cancer at least it's one of the easier ones to deal with. No injections, just some blood work occasionally. I am super happy about his kidney function for an almost 15 year old cat. Go Mister!

That's all for now. Just trying to get back in to writing on my LJ, not really much to say.
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